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Coordikit: Transaction Coordinators Toolbox

Coordikit: Transaction Coordinators Toolbox

Are you a transaction coordinator looking for a reliable companion to streamline your tasks? Look no further, welcome to CoordiKit - your go-to resource for managing your real estate transactions with the utmost precision and confidence.


From comprehensive checklists that leave no task unchecked to ready-to-use professionally crafted email templates, CoordiKit has everything covered for you. No more worrying about missed steps or spending countless hours drafting, editing and formatting emails.


With CoordiKit by your side, you’re equipped to handle each transaction smoothly – right from the initial stages to a successful closing. Become an expert in keeping all stages of the transaction process organized, timely, and consistent.


Experience seamless operation, save time and enhance your productivity. It's time to transform your daily grind into a well-orchestrated process. Stand out as a pro with CoordiKit: Transaction Coordinator's Toolbox! Try it today. Be remarkable!


The Toolkit includes:

  • Contract to Close Spreadsheet Template
  • Buyer Pending Template Emails
  • Seller Pending Template Emails
  • Pre-List Template Emails
  • Multiple Offer Spreadsheet
  • Transaction Summary Template
  • What Can a TC Do For You Graphic
  • Pending Buyer's Checklist
  • Pre-Listing Checklist
  • Pending Seller's Checklist
  • Instructions on using the templates and Spreadsheets
  • Lifetime Support
  • Access to Updates
  • Discounts on future products
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